About Us

Easycare Hydroturf is a spray on grass company which uses a mix of materials including lawn seed, mulch, water and fertiliser to spray onto a prepared area to give you a beautiful, lush lawn.

Easycare Hydroturf is based in Canberra and is the sole supplier of RTF, (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue) seed in the Canberra and Southern Highlands regions. Please take the time to read our brochure on RTF or find more information at www.hydroturf.com.au. After reading, we are sure you will agree that this is a fabulous lawn for the cool season grasses, which are best suited for the Canberra and Southern Highlands regions. Please be aware that there is only one RTF, don’t be fooled by other varieties claiming to have the same abilities.

Easycare Hydroturf has built a reputation based on excellent customer service and workmanship to tailor your individual needs. As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, included in our price is one return visit at approximately 6-8 weeks after spraying to ensure your lawn is being maintained correctly and to give your lawn a free fertilise application.

Easycare Hydroturf offers a maintenance program to ensure that your lawn is in top condition all year round. Please phone 1800 688 069 to discuss the maintenance program further.

Easycare Hydroturf recommends spraying RTF, as it is drought tolerant, frost tolerant, and is a water saver seed suitable for home lawns in the Canberra and Southern Highlands regions. We are able spray other varieties, so please phone 1800 688 069 for a quote.

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